What is this

We wanted to create something simple to make learning new things fun and involving.


You have heard about the ones who moved to a foreign country with next to zero knowledge of the language, three months later they were fluent. Yeah. No grammar. No books. Language acquisition.

It means that you learn a foreign language nearly as easily as your mother tongue.

So you’re looking for the surefire shortcut to learning English? You have no time for lessons, but at the end of the day you see you have managed to squeeze in 3 hours’ time of watching cat videos?

Your students learn more English from Breaking Bad and GTA San Andreas than from your lessons? Get them involved better! Create video puzzles with their interest!

Who are we

Barbara is an English teacher who always has new out of the box ideas. One of them is what you see now. She likes to teach with the use of new technology getting smaller ones more involved in what they study.

Goose, who is trying out some new technologies to be able to create fast prototypes and MVPs of small projects like this.

Features for beer

We like doing good things. If you find this useful or want some new features to be developed mail us with your request, we will have a look!

Feel free, to contact us if you have any questions!

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